The giant structure in the Milky way

giant star in the center of galaxy

 At present, our galaxy became a newsmaker. Why is that??  There unraveled secrets in the Milky Way galaxy. Still, they are discovering. Now what had founded now. The scientists have found out the formation of the Milky Way galaxy. That is very different. Because that formation style is in the wave-shaped, this above was the newest feature through the investigation. Also, You can understand these locations are naturally generated. Therefore scientists are continuously t finding of some more things. And, Do you like to know some more about this new structure that is wave-shaped? 



   Our home or the solar system is situated in the Milky Way galaxy. Even there is another thing to tell you. The thing is, we are very close to this giant and structure in a wave shape. The above style is connected with the many stars. That is similar to a structure formed due to the filling of gases. 

  After identifying the above,  scientists gave a name for the newly founded fact. That first name is the Radcliffe wave. That was a particular name. What is that specialty??? This was named after the Radcliffe institute for a Higher level. That extends about 500 light-years long. When considering the massive formation, actually, it is giant. And, It is long about 9000 light-years, and it has a width of about 400 light-years. 

235th meeting of the American Astronomical Society

  I think you have found out it. That was officially announced at the 235th meeting of the American Astronomical Society. Also, You know the place where it had held. The meeting held in Honolulu. The day was Tuesday. The Harvard University, European space agency helped with this process because Harvard University analyzed received details through the accepted facts. In which way that data received to Harvard University. That is by the Gaia spacecraft. You know that Gaia spacecraft had performed various tasks. The above Gaia spacecraft started its work since 2013.

  With the Gaia spacecraft details, scientists had drawn a three-dimensional map of our galaxy. The plan was the most extraordinary image created by Gaia’s features. Through that three dimensional picture, the scientists able to see the wave pattern in the galaxy. There was a wave-shaped structure in the spiral arm. Those spiral arms are very closer to the sun.


  The following are the words by Alyssa Goodman. 

 “No astronomer expected that we live next to a giant, wave-like the collection of gas or that it forms the local arm of the Milky Way.” 

   Other than Goodman, Robert wheeler said that,

   “We were completely shocked when we first realized how long and straight the Radcliffe Wave is, looking down on it from above in 3D, but how sinusoidal [defining the shape of a wave] it is when viewed from Earth. The Wave’s very existence is forcing us to rethink our understanding of the Milky Way’s 3D structure.”

Mr. Wheeler is a specialized lecturer at Harvard University. He is a professional lecturer of applied astronomy. And, Who knows best about this image other than anyone. 

  This wave formation of our galaxy earlier detected as a section of the Gould’s belt. Do you know about this belt???. Also, If we have some more time, I’ll tell it to you definitely. Those stars are arranged as a circle around the sun. After that, we have found out it is not a part of Gould’s belt. 

  Usually, we think that this as the ending of all the observations. Actually, it is not the ending. It is the beginning of another side of the outer earth history. That means we can expect more news from the places in the outer atmosphere. That was amazing. Therefore we will wait for more details very calmly. 

   Can you believe that we react with the wave-shaped structure? But actually, that is the thing. Other than the Gaia, SOFIA is providing details about this galaxy. Then we can that in the future.


The Gaia Rocket

   Gaia is a spacecraft by the European space agency. In 2013, this spacecraft was launched. And scientists expect to operate this until 2022 — that spacecraft designed for various tasks. And, I decided to tell you some of them. That was intended for the astronomy, distance, and the motion of the stars in space and measuring the positions — the last aim of this mission to make the most extensive 3D space catalog. And to examine approximately about 1 billion stars. 

   The Gaia spacecraft is included in the astrometric observatory. There are exceptional payloads are here. Some of them are the astrometric instrument, photometric instruments, and radial velocity spectrometer. 

  There is another specialty of this spacecraft. That is, it will examine its targets for about 70 times. Also, that is essential to determine the exact places of the stars. Already you know about the three-dimensional map. That is including the descriptive details of the luminosity, sufficient temperature, and the gravity of the elements. 

  In the future,

In the future, UFO?

there will be another project introduced. GaiaNIR is a future proposed project. With this project, the scheme can be widened. And, here the GaiaNIR means the Gaia near the infrared. And, that means this project can be done with the infrared rays. Therefore some natural objects can be detected with the infrared rays. Those objects cannot be detected normally. In the above, I told you about the main objectives of these missions briefly. But now I’ll like to list them down. See follows for that. 

  • To find the luminosity of the stars. 
  • To find the distance between the galaxies. 
  • Want to observe the faintest objects. That helps to provide a full view of such purposes. 
  • To measure the astrometric and kinematic properties of the star. 
  • To measure the tangential speed 
  • Want to measure the inclination and orbit of the thousand of the extrasolar planets. 
  • This can be used to detect up to 500,000 quasars. 

This was launched by Arianespace. That was done using the mode as Soyuz ST-B. That was launched on the 19th of December 2013. Also, that upper part is separated after the 43 minutes from the launch. 

  And then there are three main instruments. Those are as follows. Those are such essential instruments. 

  • Astrometry instruments or the Astro

                This is to determine the locations of the stars. This can be used to make the locations of the parallax. 

  • The photometric instrument or the BP. 

   This allows measuring the luminosity of the stars. Other than that, sometimes red and blue photometers can be used. Also, those are using to find stellar properties as the temperature, age composition, and mass. 

  • The radial velocity spectrometer or RVs.  

   To detect the velocities of objects in space. That can be measured by the Doppler shift. This all the above are details of recent findings of the space. I think those above are useful for you. And I have to tell you that you can expect more such news. Definitely, I’ll tell you that. 


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