The hidden black hole


Have you remembered something with this topic itself? If you have read my articles before, you have to recognize that what I am going to tell you. Anyway, we forget about the previous articles. I am saying that there are many secrets in the space, and one day the hidden things come in front of us. That’s the thing that I wanted to tell you. This above topic is about such a thing. I can tell it in another way. Another secret out of infinite secret was revealed. I think now you can understand that. The summarization of this point is astronomers found a black hole. Now we can talk about that. 

  Do you know anything about black holes? And do you know how many black holes are contained in our galaxy? I think you know something about the black hole roughly. You can improve your knowledge about those things after reading this description. Then think of an answer to my second question. How many black holes are there in our galaxy? Then check whether your answer is correct or wrong. Astronomers assume that there are about 100 million black holes in our galaxy. Can you imagine that? 

  In the above, I told you that there are 100 million black holes in our galaxy. Do you know what our galaxy is? Definitely, you know that is milky way galaxy. Now it is time to do that. 

 What is our galaxy?

    You know it is a milky way. This is a disk-shaped galaxy. There is a star band around it. When someone looks for this galaxy, he can see the only light band. But it is not actually a light band. It is made out of a combination of many stars. Stars are placed as a pattern of a band. In 1610 Galileo Galilei was the first person that resolve the individual stars. Most people think that all stars are included in this milky way. But later, it proved wrong because there are many other galaxies as the milky way in space. This is proved by Edwin Hubble. 

  As well as that scientists assume that there are 100-400 stars that are included in this milky way galaxy. Do you know the diameter of this galaxy? Can you think about that? We measure the distances from meters and kilometers we can measure very long distances in kilometers even. But we don’t measure those long distances from the measurement light-years. Light Years is the unit to measure the distances in space. The diameter of this galaxy even measured by light-years. It is about 150,000-200,000 light-years. 

  What is a light-year? 

   This is a measurement of the distance between two objects in space. The symbol of the measurement is ly. And this is used in professional astronomy. This is about light-years. 

      Now we continue our description. Do you know what substances are inside this milky way galaxy? I’ll tell you. There are billions of stars, various asteroids, meteorites, comets, white dwarfs, neutron stars, hundred billion black holes, and 100 billion planets are included in this milky way galaxy.

 You know that our main target is to talk about the reveal of a new black hole. There are a lot of interesting details about the milky galaxy in its formation, environment, and the content of the milky way, but it is uncomfortable to tell you all the things. Therefore now I’ll move to the main part. 

 The hidden black hole had found

 This black hole is known as the dubbed LB-1. This black hole is very big. It is totally conveyed through this. “LB-1 is twice as massive as what we thought possible. New theorists will have to take up the challenge of explaining its formation. “. Therefore until now, no one can’t explain this clearly. New suggestions will arise in the future of its formation. Liu Jifeng suggests that this black hole is unusual because there are no such big black holes. 

 Why can’t they big as that?

 There are stars inside them. When they began to die, there is an energy loss. Because of losing energy, the mass is decreasing. Therefore exist of such a black hole is unusual. 

    Through the research from gravitational wave detectors, there can exist such types of black holes. It can be possible, but the mass of there is unusual. LIGO and VIRGO are those detectors. This is very surprising for Chinese astronomers because they have found such type of a black hole. This black hole has a mass of about seventy times as the mass of the sun. Normally black holes have a mass about twenty times that of the sun. 

  This had found from the other side of the milky way galaxy. Another feature of this black hole is the stellar can’t identify accurately. In other black holes, the stellar black holes can identify through the powerful x-Ray emissions. This can be observed when it is swallowing a companion star. That phenomenon causes the ejection of the x-ray. At that time, it can be identified. 

Professor David Reitz

  Professor David Reitz said that” This discovery forces us to re-examine the models of how stellar-mass black holes form.” He is the director of the Laser Interferometer gravitational wave observatory. In the above, I told you about the observation of LIGO and VIRGO. There is another solution for them. It is” ripples in spacetime caused by collisions of black holes which then merge to create new larger ones.”

 Do you know what instruments and the ways we can use for the investigation of black holes? The following method is used to investigate dubbed LB-1. 

 That black hole is observed through the telescope LAMOST. Through that, the astronomers observed the stars move around the invisible objects. 

 These above details are the all essential details of the new black hole dubbed LB-1. I am sure there are more new details about this star in the future. Because scoring, astronomers, and the theorists haven’t put forward any theorem about the formation of this black hole. We can expect some more details about this in the future. You know that I told you about a black hole. Then what are those black holes? Now it is time for that. 

   What are the black holes?

  This is actually a region. In this region, there is a high gravitational acceleration. There are no particles that would be able to escape from this region. Even such strong electromagnetic radiation cannot escape from it too. Approximately the mass of such a black hole is about twenty times the sun. 

  Do you know that the main three independent physical properties of the black hole? They are as mass, charge, and angular momentum. But the static black holes have mass but no electric charge or any angular momentum. There are some types of black holes too. They are as follows. There are non rotating charged black holes. They are known as the Reissner Nordstrom metric. There is another type. It is non charged rotating black hole. It is known as the Kerr metric. There is another stationary black hole. It is Kerr Newman black hole. 


  There is no emission of any electromagnetic radiation from the black holes. These black holes are formed due to the gravitational collapse. This is not the only way to create black holes. That can be developed due to the high energy collisions too. Like the human, these black holes are growing. These are growing absorbing other additional materials such as interstellar dust and other gases from the surrounding. In the future, there can be some other new black holes which can found through the researches. 

This is about the main details of a black hole. There are many new other details that have to be found through the black holes. Therefore we have to wait for them. 

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