The hypothetical world war


 What is a war??? You all know what that is. Even small children know what war is. I have another simple question to ask from you. That is, do you like wars?? I know your answer. That is exactly NO. But we are ordinary people. There may be a different answer for the heads of our countries. Their answer may be YES. But what is that?? Sometimes there are favorable reasons for them. That problem may be a political problem or a religious problem. Other than them, that can be a struggle between some countries in order to spread their ruling area. 

   If two countries participated in a war, definitely one is the winner. But the winner isn’t the concerning factor. Because if this war, numerous people suffer. Because losing their favorite persons and other favorite things. Why can’t we get rid of those wars??? That is the human attitude. According to my viewpoint, I like to see the whole world as an individual country. But it cannot succeed with the many barriers. Most of them are nationality barriers. However, today, my topic is to talk about a hypothetical world war. It is known as the 3rd world war. What is our topic ?? 

   I know that you don’t like wars. But it is essential to know about this. Now shall we start this above ?? 

  The WW3 aka the world war three


   Other than that, the third world war is known as WWIII or WW3. That above war is the hypothetical world war three. Also, it is a military conflict. That took third place in military war history. I think from the name itself. You would be capable of thinking about the capacity of this war. There may be many countries involved with the third world war. Most of the people know there were two other world wars, World War 1 and World War 2. 

   And also, this will become very dangerous if that above war happens. The harmful weapons made using nuclear technology near to the ending of World War 2, and the using of the weapons make, including nuclear technology and bombs began. The potential risk of the nuclear devastation of the earth’s civilization and life is a common theme in speculations about the Third World war. This above will be the third war. Before this war, there was the second world war even. Then before that, there was the first world war. With the beginning, people believed that this first world war is the war to end all wars. But unfortunately, it didn’t happen. 

   That was the starting point of another huge world war. This is a bad future for many people. During the time of the first war, it is normally referring to as the Great war. Here I have to say something. When the invention of the weapons using nuclear technologies, the base for the third world war made. There were many parties involved in the making of the world war for the third time — military and civil authorities of many countries involved in the war process.

   Time magazine is the beginner of the name world war 3. Then this became a rumor with the issue of 3rd November 1941. There were many plans for this war. But they are out of date now. I can tell you some about these plans. Would you like to know them?

Military plans

     The British armed forces thought to be the first scenario of the third world war. Their main motivation is the 

to impose upon Russia the will of the United States and the British empire.” 

   But that plan was rejected by the chiefs of staff committee in Britain. That is about the Britain plan. Then we can see another plan. That is the operation drop shot plan. That is a plan for both nuclear and conventional war. Even this plan includes about 300 nuclear bombs, 29000 high explosive bombs. They are for 200 hundred targets and 100 cities. Among the 300 nuclear bombs, 75 or 100 targeted at the soviet combat aircraft. Then the city killing counter valve strike plan changes to a counterforce plan. 

atomic bomb in world war 2

   Other than that the nuclear weapons could not damage only for their target. Therefore the adjacent cities even harming by nuclear bombs. Then after that, NATO put forwarded another military plan. Before the war even started, the Western Union defense organization carried out exercise variety. Those exercise varieties include naval airstrikes and the submarine attacks.

  During that period, 200 ships and over 50,000 personnel to practice to defense services of Denmark and Norway have to bring together. That was from the Russian attack in 1952. That was the beginning and the initial exercise of NATO.  United States Army, USN, supreme allied commander Atlantic admiral, allied commander Europe General, are the commanders of this exercise. Also, countries like the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Norway, Belgium, Portugal, and France participated in this campaign. 

  Exercises like grand slam and the long step held in the Mediterranean sea. Those are naval exercises. About 700 aircraft and 170 warships participated in this exercise. They said the following as their summary of this procedure. 

We have demonstrated that the senior commanders of all four powers can successfully take charge of a mixed task force and handle it effectively as a working unit.” 

Donald Trump, the 47th president of the USA

   The warlike act is the name for this above process, but this is a name given by the USSR. There was another huge plan by NATO. That was organized in 1957. That campaign consists of 200 warships, 650 aircraft, and 75000 personnel from the United States navy. Not only the United Kingdom navy but also the French navy, the Royal Canadian Navy, Royal Netherlands Navy, and Norwegian royal navy.

  And then the next military practice by NATO is the Reforger. The name defined name return of forces to Germany. This exercise has a specific task. I can tell you that even. This exercise is to prove that the NATO organization has the capability to deploy forces to West Germany when there is a conflict or an emergency situation. And this can be mirrored as the actual aim to power the NATO presence in the European countries. That is referred to as the operation Reforger. There are some other important factors in this exercise activity. Military sealift command, military airlift command, and the civil reserve air fleet are them. 

  The most simulation military practices the seven days to the river shine. And the other military practices able archer is another similar type of activity. That above project is by the United States. Then the able archer 83 is another north Atlantic Treaty organization. That is known as the five days North Atlantic Treaty organization. 

   Now you know some essential details about world war 3. All the wars are not a good incident. But you and I have to know about them deeply. If there are some more, I’ll tell you definitely. 


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