The kacific broadband satellites by SpaceX


 I think that you can understand the idea through the topic itself. You know this because that launching happened recently. Other than that, this can be known as another step of the newest technology. With these satellites, communication throughout, the world is more developed. And even you know that with the Internet the world has become under one roof. That is like one village, actually. It is a global village. These satellites are even connected with the worldwide communication system. I am sure that these satellites system helps more than other systems in the worldwide communication system. 

   Then we can move to our topic now. It is about the topic and about the mission. Now we will. See that. 

About the mission

kacific broadband satellites

    This is a mission by SpaceX. You know that this is a leading American company in the astronomy field. The head is the Elon Musk, as you know. SpaceX is an expert company that is maintaining such individual tasks. 

   These kacific satellites were launched very recently. That is known as a communication satellite for kacific broadband satellites. And that is to provide a mobile and broadband services. They provide that connection at speed up to 100 Mbps. That is in the Asia Pacific region, as well as that this is by the SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation. 

   Those above are some necessary details about this mission. From the later part of this article, you can have some more details. 

  About the spacecraft 

     This is having two payloads. They are as Kacific 1 and the JCSAT 18. That both of those payloads transferred through the falcon nine rocket. That was launched from Cape Canaveral Air Force station. You know that the airport is in Florida. This is a production of Boeing satellites. That just began in 2017.

  Do you know that there is another spacecraft similar to this??? Yes, there it is. This spacecraft made based on the satellite that aerospace manufacturer’s 702 Boeing satellites.

kacific broadband satellites

   You know that this project planned to have a good communication chain around a vast area. I think that even you would like to know what are the regions that include this area. There are many. Because of that, I’ll only tell you some. Brunei, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Guam, Indonesia, Myanmar, Nepal, New Zealand, Solomon island, Tonga, Tuvalu, and New Guinea are some countries that this satellite will provide coverage. Plus kacific one covers Indonesia. Then that is certain. Other than that, South Asia, Philippines, and Timor Leste are 28 spot beams. And then New Zealand and the Pacific Islands covered with 28 beams.

   I told you that in the above, even these satellites launched to a specific task. It is providing broadband services. Here the kacific one payload will do that task. Do you know what the way is?? 

   Scientists have programmed as the projection of 56 ka band high throughput spot beams. They have planned to follow that way for the 25 countries in the Pacific Islands and Southeast Asia. 


   This satellite connection is predicted to be very speedy. And there is no categorization of that area previously provided by a satellite connection or not as well as that this satellite connection can be used for various purposes such as in the education, business, government, and health care services. Then the scientists are predicted that it will take about six weeks for the testing. After that, as soon as possible, broadband services will start. Therefore we have to wait for the newest details. Surely it will start in the next year. 

  There is another satellite too. That is the other payload of the Boeing satellite. That would provide a satellite connection to the Asia Pacific region. In other than to the Eastern part of Russia. Plus, you know that this part is owned by the SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation. 

   Now we have come to the middle of this article. But many new details can tell. Because of that, we have to say some brief details roughly.  Now we will step to the next part. 

  In the above, I told you that this would be a provider of the fastest broadband service. But I think the correct word is the operator than the provider as well as that this is the first Ka-band HTS satellite. Kacific 1. In the above, I told you that this was recently launched. The actual date is the 17 of December 2019. Therefore this is very recent. 

December 2019,

  Then I think it is better that we would find out some basic information about the history of this project.

  Kacific satellites is a company. Christian Patouraux is the CEO of this company. The first intention of this kacific one raised in December of 2013. I have to say something other than that mentioned above. This remote satellite connection provided us with direct Internet access to wholesale channels and other essential services. 

kacific broadband satellites

  Then on the June 2014 kacific has made an agreement with the Tuvalu Telecommunications corporation. That js6a five-year agreement.

   Then after that, in August of the 2014 kacific signed another agreement with Solomon Telekom company limited. That is even five-year agreements. Do you know the idea of these above two agreements??? Kacific made these agreements to provide a good internet connection to several islands or countries. There are some more of them. They are as follows.


  Then in September 2014 kacific had signed an agreement with the International telecommunication union for providing the connection for the Pacific region. In October 2014, kacific had signed an agreement with the Telecom services Kiribati limited to provide a good connection of the Internet to Kiribati. Those above are five years of the agreement.

  Other than that, in May 2015, the Indonesian satellite provider had a long term agreement with the kacific. It is about US$78 million. 

  Then in June 2016 kacific started to provide Internet connection to areas like Malekula island, Vanuatu and Lambubu. After then in February 2017 kacific announced that the Boeing company would make a two-stage space rocket. Later in the September kacific selected Kratos defence and security solutions to install its teleport radiofrequency instrument. After that, in November 2019 kacific approved that the agreement with global digital infrastructure providers. Then finally, in December of 2019 kacific confirmed that it had secured credit facilities totalling US$160 million. That is with some financial institutions. 


   You know that the kacific organization even a famous company. It has been awarded many times. This was selected as the best potential in Asia at the France Singapore ICT awards in 2015, better satellite world’s honour at the space and satellites professional international in 2018 . and also best digital inclusion at the Pacific ICT awards in 2019 and for the satellites executive of the year at the Asia Pacific satellites communication council are some of them. 

  Then we concluded this article. I told you about the kacific satellite program and the company too. In the future, you also can enjoy the Internet connection with this company.  That day is not so far. 


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