The mars and the mole


 You have heard about Mars already. But what is the mole? Sometimes you have listened to it. If you don’t know that don’t try to find it everywhere. I am giving all about the mole here. There you need not worry. Trust me. The necessary details that we know about Mars are, Mars is a planet. Yes, it is correct. But there are in-depth details of mars. We can recall your knowledge from here. As I mentioned of you, don’t know about the mole keep reading this. You can find an answer in the correct place itself. Now I can start the details regarding the above topic.

 The topic is the mars and the mole. Therefore first, it is about Mars. 

The planet Mars

     Mars 8s the second-smallest planet in the solar system. Mercury is the smallest planet, as you know. As well as that can you recognize most of the worlds are named after the Roman gods? This is also like that. The name Mars is even a god’s name. Mars is a Roman god. In other than that, Mars is the Roman god of war. Mars is known as the red planet. Why is this known as the red planet? 

  The red planet

       This is known as the red planet because there is iron oxide is on the Mars surface. Because of the iron oxide presence mars can be visible in red color. But mars have a thin layer of atmosphere. We can talk about the physical characteristics of Mars from the paragraphs below. 

Physical features 

    You know that this is smaller than the earth. Then you can think Mars should have a radius, shorter than the radius of the earth. It is correct. The radius of  Mars is approximately about 3390 km. The surface pressure is around 0.636 kPa. You know the nitrogen is the most available gas in the earth. But on Mars, it is totally different because the carbon dioxide is the main component in its atmosphere. As well as this is the most available gas there — 95.97 % of mars’ volume taken by the carbon dioxide. Here the nitrogen takes 1.89% by its capacity while the most needed gas oxygen allocates 0.146 % of capacity by its atmosphere. 

  Mars has two moons named Phobos and Deimos. In other, then there are many features that consist of Mars that are not available in the other planets. Some of them are the most massive volcano, the highest mountain in the solar system, and the valles minerals. I told you about the two moons of the mars. That moons are small, as well as that they are irregular shaped. 


You know that scientists are conducting various experiments to establish the human civilization on the mars. Then according to the research done by such far liquid water cannot exist on the surface of Mars. What is the reason for that? It is due to the low atmospheric pressure. The atmospheric pressure is actually less than 1% of the earth’s atmospheric pressure. If you want to observe Mars from the planet, you have the ability to do that. Mars can be seen with your naked eye from the earth. 

   Mars can appear with colors such as red, orange, or yellow. According to the photographs taken by NASA’s Spirit rover Mars is visible in the color of mud-colored, greenish-brown, and grey colored rocks. Mars approached very closely to the earth on the 12th of September. 

   There were many space crafts, rockets, rovers, landers, and orbiters sent by the countries in Europe, the United States, and Russia. Today I hope to tell you about such a mission by the United States. Just imagine what can be the company that Is behind under this project. I know that you think suddenly it is NASA. Now it is correct, but there are some more space mission companies in the United States. 

The next part of this is the mole. We can be aware of the project as well as the task of this mission. 

What is the mole? 

  The mole is a 40 cm long penetrometer that is designed to measure the heat flow from the Mars interior at a depth of several meters. This instrument has a diameter of about one inch. I think now your puzzle had solved. Actually, this is a part of the instrument. That the instrument is the heat flow and physical properties package. The function of this instrument is to measure the surface temperature. Therefore this instrument acts as a radiometer. 

   This is a work that is doing with NASA ‘s inSight project. I remember I had told you about the inSight mission earlier. No matter what, just focus on this. This mission departed at Mars in November 2018. The hammering is started in February 2019. In the beginning, it is not very successful. It gets stuck when it reaches 14 inches under the Mars ground. Therefore they have to use a robotic arm for that. It is the insight’s robotic arm. The project is finished the October 2019. After this mission, scientists had decided to place this mole deeper in the Mars ground with the help of the inSight robotic arm. 

  In other than the features that I mentioned above, this instrument has a pointed tip. Because of this pointed tip, it can be worked as a pile driver. Now the scientists are in the mission with the target,” however. We have to push this instrument underground.“ They will do it in the future. 

  Then I solve your puzzle as I promise you at the beginning. Now I like to describe to you some more about the InSight project of NASA. 

InSight mission by NASA

   You have some ideas about this project. It is this the target to the planet Mars. Now you can get to know some more. See that. 

   You have to know the meaning of InSight. It is interior exploration using seismic investigations, geodesy, and heat transport. This was manufactured by Lockheed Martin as well as that this us a probe that had chosen to investigate the deep interior of Mars planet. This was launched on the 5th of May and 2018 initially. and this was launched into outer space from the Elysium Planitia. 

  Heat flow and physical properties package, seismic experiment for interior structure, rotation and interior structure experiment, and the temperature and the winds for insight are the main components included in this space vehicle. 

There are some more objectives through this mission. Some of them are to measure the heat of internal heat flow of Mars using the heat probe, to measure the seismic activity on the surface of Mars using a Seismometer, to provide the accurate 3D models of the planet interior and as well as to find out the historical base of the planet Mars. 

  To this mission, there are many scientists, as well as many engineers, who had participated. They are from different countries as well as from various organizations. Most scientists are from the United States, France, Austria, Canada, Japan, and Switzerland too. Scientists W. Bruse Banerdt is the principal. Investigator of this mission. National Aeronautics and Space Administration, german aerospace center, the Italian space agency, Max Planck Institute for solar system research and the imperial college London are some significant organizations that had contributed to this specific task. 


When talking about this spacecraft, there is an essential thing that had to tell you definitely. That is about power. Do you know that the way that power is being supplied? That is through solar panels. There are two solar panels in this space vehicle. In this space vehicle, there is a rechargeable battery. Through solar cells, it can be yielded 4.6-kilowatt-hours on sol-1. Then this above are some necessary details of the InSight mission. I gave you only rough information. There are many, but it is impossible to tell all in here. 

 Therefore I gave you about Mars, about the mole and the InSight mission too. I think you have got more knowledge about these experiments are going on Mars now. 


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