The Marvellous Earth part II


The earth is marvellous. You know the reasons to say the earth as Marvellous. Now you know there is an illusion behind the scenery. This occurs because of the light as well as that you have a key of knowledge about electromagnetic spectrum too. There are some rays which we cannot see with our naked eye. We only can see the colours in the visible rays. I think that you have some ideas about that. This is the second part of my article. Through my first article, I told you about the way that colours are forming and why the leaves of a tree in green colour etc. Now it is time to start part II of my article. 

The survivor

     You know that we can get a wide range of information through the waves of the electromagnetic spectrum. Earlier, we talked about how the light is forming with the reflection. You know that the sun is the primary source that produces light to the whole solar system. Our food cannot produce without the sun rays. Sunlight is an essential factor in the photosynthesis process. Light is composed of many photons. Light is emitting when releasing photons. We can describe it through electrons.

 What is happening in the electrons?

 You know that there are power shells in the electrons. Electrons can transmit to an upper energy level by absorbing photons. But they cannot remain in the same shell ever. They have to come down again. When coming down to the lowest shell, they release photons. That is visible as light. The amount of released energy is different from each other. You know that we called it an emission spectrum. We can say the element or compound by looking at the emission spectrum. 

Uses of telescope

      Now for just a minute to think about how we can recognise the elements and compounds on a distant object. We use a telescope for that. You believe that telescopes are using to make clear visual of far objects. If you think in that way, you have mistaken. Why is that? The telescope is not only used for that purpose but also the investigation of the spectrum. We can know about the consisting elements and compounds in that way. We called this technology as Spectroscopy. It is also a marvellous incident. 

  There are unique colours for every element. We see different colours in Aurora and Nebula. The reason for that is, elements are emitting different colours that unique to their own.


 But the surprising thing is scientists found helium is inside sun before finding out the helium is inside the earth. This is found out through the colour spectrum. It is the power of science. There is another thing that we must tell you without forgetting. You can see these letters in black colour. But the truth is these letters doesn’t emit any colour. In other than that you can see the background in white colour. There is no white colour in the background. The combination of three colours blue, green and red shows the white colour. If there are other colours than blue, green and red, it is the addition of these three colours, but it is not the exact colour. But there can be variation with the technology. 


     We see the colours by our eyes. The colours are identified through the visual cortex that is placed in the back of our brain. There are cells in here that can detect different colours. Some cells are called cone cells. They are more sensitive to warmer colours such as red, orange and yellow — ⅔ of the corn cells process as having more wavelength and less than its energy. About 10 million colours can be detected to a healthy eye. But some difficulties can occur to the people which has colour blindness when differentiating two colours.

Ganglion cells

  What about the blind people? How they identify colours? What do you think about that? Do you have an idea? We can’t tell that certainly. Through the research, scientists had found that blind people can detect light. This is because of ganglion cells. It is a type of photoreceptor cells. We can feel the warmth of the colour even when we close our eyes. We can see that colour as red through the skin of the eyelids. 

Dark matters

     I feel the colours are very important things. I like to move my way towards space. We see stars in the sky. That is very far from us. Do you know that we see the past when we look at a star? Assume that the star is positioned far about four light-years. It can be known as the past four years. Then we can see past through time. That is because of light and the speed of light. We get to know about the expansion of the world through this light. Because of the redshift of light. The wavelength of light increase as pulling a spring. Light has to reflect or has yo produce by its own to emit light from an object. Can there be an object that couldn’t do above both tasks? There is such type of objects that exist in the world. They are called Dark matters. 

       These are not observed straightly. But if there is any matter in place, there should be a mass. If there is any mass in a place, there should be a gravitational power — dark matters found in this way.


 I told you many things about light. You can think beyond that. Can you believe if there is not light what should be happening? Can you imagine even? How can living beings exist here? I think that we can’t live here. Because our living pattern attracted with the light. Light is essential. Then think about through the science field? Think about the electromagnetic power, weak force, reliable power, gravity. Is there anything that other than from this? 

   Think about that. The new ideas are accepted for science. But light is still a secret. Don’t always take what you see with your eyes because it is not the truth anytime. There can be something other than you see. We all know about the mirage. This is a straightforward thing that you can see with your eyes. But you know illusion is not the truth. That is not the real colour. As I told above, don’t accept your vision. You can take it after analysing it by your mind. 

  As you know, this is the second article. I thought to tell you about the light and significance in light through science. I think you have much knowledge of this. So think about this. You also have new ideas about that.


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