The Marvellous Earth with colors


    We all live in the same world. All human beings and living animals live on this earth. We don’t know if there are any living beings in other planets. Scientists are researching to prove and investigate those secrets of the outer planets of the solar system. This is not my main topic. I would like to tell you about this world, this earth. You must be wondering what I am going to say to you because you know more information about the planet. But I will tell you about the world beyond your visibility. I guess you also like to read this. 

    The way people look at the same thing differs from each other. People unusually see the world. Can you recognise the particular situation or the stuff you have ever seen? But you won’t be able to identify it instantly. What is the reason for that? We have seen many things. Therefore, we have to compare the seen situations and thoughts with each other to decide what is the best place or the thing. That need more time. The comparison should be taken into consideration with the beauty and the colours. 


    We had to think that the scene is the real situation or else is this an illusion. But I would like to tell you that you see the total opposite side of a thing. Yeah! Today I am telling you about the light. Not only physical but I like to talk in scientifically too. All the answers are hidden in this light. The earth is the most colourful and the most beautiful in the solar system. It is glowing with both blue and green in colour. The first evidence that human beings living for many years are visible in these colours. The lights of the planets show the path to find the planets which are suitable for surviving living beings. This above sentence is like the two sides of the same coin. 

  If water is colourless why the sea is blue?

We can see the water of the sea as blue in colour. But you know actually, water is colourless. Not only that, the trees are in green colour, but the green colour doesn’t need for the trees. I know that you cannot understand what is meant by that — actually the colours such as red and blue colours needed to produce essential food. But the red and blue colours are invisible over the green. But the green colour doesn’t need for the production of foods. Therefore the leaves are remaining in the same colour green. We can conclude that green colour can participate in the food production process as well as that green colour cannot be absorbed. But we are referring to green as the colour of lives. 

  We use colours for most of our day to day activities. As for examples we are taking new clothes varied by its colour, we categories people by their own skin colour and sometimes we call something by its colours such as blue pen, black dog. Now you can think that colours affect our lives in which way. But I guess you don’t ever think those things that I told you. Do you think in which way does that colours formed? Think for some time. Can you give an answer? Now l am going to give an answer to the questions about how these colours and how this world formed. There is a painter that gives colour to the planets and all things. Do you imagine who it is? It is the sun. It is our own sun. 

SUN from scientist’s eye

  The sun releases its rays. The sun rays spread the blue colour to the sky other than any other colours. Sea waves also depicting blue colour with the sun rays that fall onto the ground. Earlier I told you that the way leaves turn a green colour. The colour of an object is the less absorptive colour by the object. Then how is the black colour formed? The black coloured objects can absorb all the colours, but the objects can’t release any colour. But there is a problem in that. As you know the best black colour is the vantablack. In this colour, absorption takes place at 99.965%. We see the 3D object in vantablack colour as 2D objects. What is the reason for it? There are no details that we can see this object as 3D in our mind. 


  But there cannot exist any black object in this world. If it is correct at least the visible rays have to absorb 100%. But any object reflects the light and you can see the truth black colour in a black hole. But it is not actually black because we cannot see any colour or light inside a black hole. But the correct way to convey that is there isn’t anything that relative to us. 

 There is a word electromagnetic spectrum in the above paragraphs. 390 nm -700nm is the wavelength of visible rays. We see the earth in the visible range. There can be other parts of the earth in other ranges. Therefore now we can under that we only see an illusion. That there are other things beyond our scenery. Do you understand that there are other things that we cannot see? 

   There is another problem. We cannot see the objects in other frequencies because they haven’t any colours. That is the reason to make an infrared image and heat sensors in orange colour. Even the x-rays can show using black and white in colour, but this is not the real colour. We can take a wide range of information throughout the waves in the electromagnetic spectrum. 

More info

   Through the above paragraph, we talked about how light can be visible with the reflection. Then in which way that are light rays creating? The sun is a light source. How can we say that? We have to look at the light again.

  Light is composed of photons particles. In this case, someone can ask is light a particle or a wave? Then we have to answer light is a representative of those two natures. Photon is the main energy transmission mode in the electromagnetic spectrum. This is known as force carrier particle or Gauge boson in physical science. Nature and colour differentiate with the amount of energy within it. The higher energy photons consist of Gamma rays, while lower-energy photons consist of infrared rays. We can say, only the releasing of photons with energy is light. 


 I think you have heard about the electrons and the shells of it. Electrons can go to a top shell by absorbing the energy of the photon. But electrons can not always in the top shells. So they have to come down again. At that time the power of the electron is reduced. When they are coming down, they released photons. That is the light. This emitting light differs from elements. It is called the emission spectrum of the element. We can say the name of the element or compound by looking at the emission spectrum.

 I think you have much knowledge about these things now. I told you about the colours, the electromagnetic spectrum and the light from here. I think you have got good interesting in science after reading this. 


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