The new military branch: Space Force


 First of all, I have to ask a question from you. That is, would you like to see the wars?? No one likes it. Even small children don’t like it. There is a quote that small children have pure hearts only. That is the truth. Elders have polluted hearts. Not only for everyone but also this is a common factor for most of the people. Like that, the wars have many kinds of reasons. Most of them are because of political problems and because of the power. If there are no such kinds of issues, the world is free of wars. And remain the world in peace. 

   I know that you are thinking, why am I saying those. That is because the above topic is related to the above description. If there are no wars and other military problems, there is no need for such kind of military branches. But with the present requirements, these are essential. Then we can move on with the topic. I selected this topic because this branch is a recently opened one. See the following for more details. 

 Space force

Space force USA

    But this is different than the military branches that you know already. See what the differences are. 

   This is a military branch that initially designed for space warfare. Now you have puzzled about the word space warfare. From the later part of this article, you can know more details about space warfare. These space forces established very recently. Actually, it is in December 2019. Do you know that only a nation with an independent space force??? Can you guess what??? Check whether your answer is correct. That country is the United States. 

  There are some more important facts about the history of space warfare. First, the development of the military began with the Army air forces. That is in 1945. Then air force space command made by the air force in 1982. After that, in December 2019, the US Congress authorized the creation of the United States space force. This branch is from the Air force space command. The official establishment of this military branch took place on the 20th of December 2019.

  As I promised you now, I am ready to tell you about space warfare. It is the primary goal through the space force. 

 Space warfare

    This can be known as combat that takes place in outer space. There are various methods of space warfare. Some of them are such as space to space warfare, attacking settlers from the ground, space to ground warfare, and satellites attacking ground targets. There is no such space warfare that doesn’t take place until 2019. But the scientists are doing a regular experiment to such that space warfare. Someday they would try that truely. And they thought to introduce a new space mission with the space weapon system, primarily since that weapon system mainly focused on nuclear weapons. 

  But you know how dangerous nuclear weapons. If someone uses nuclear weapons in the human world, it can affect many generations. Nuclear effects cause genetic disorders for the people. If scientists use those nuclear weapons, there can be huge destruction can take place. I think that they even find out some solutions to such a problem too. 

  Even if you would like to know about an attempt at such space warfare, in 2017, they tried. That is called the space flag. That is at the Peterson Air Force Base. Actually, that is an annual military exercise by the United States Air Force. In that case, the red team simulating attacks on the United States satellites. 

  There are some types of space warfare. You can see them through the following. The first type is the ballistic warfare. Electronic warfare is another type.

  You know that there is no space warfare, but that is an incident that takes place in most of the science fiction stories. This is portrayed in various video games and in many movies. Examples for them are the halo series, Star Wars stargate Gundam, Macross, and the Babylon 5. Other than the above types, the homeworld is very different. What can be the reason??? Because the games such as the homeworld series provide interesting concepts for space warfare. There are three unique dimensional battle formations and the plasma-based projectors. And in the Gundam, you can see the vehicular combat. 

   If there were space warfare in someday, that would be a severe fact. In the anti-satellite attacks, especially ones involving kinetic kill vehicles. But that can cause to make the space debris. Those space debris can remain in orbit for many years. There is a developing soft kill technique. That helps to do not generate much debris. That is PRC. PRC is as techniques such as jamming and vision kill. 

   That is about space warfare. Now we can see more about the militarization of the space. With the above facts, this is a compulsory topic for you, even if you would like to know something. 

The militarization of the space 

      This can be known as the involvement development of weaponry and military technology in outer space. The outer space can be used as an operating location for military spacecraft, such as communication satellites and the Imaging. 

       Do you know about space warfare? I think you know something about them. You can get a clue from the above thorough. Then I’ll tell you about it. 

Space weapons

The Space force

   Space weapons have a special task. It is through the weapons that can attack space systems. That means the objects in outer space. Now you have a question. It is how that can target??? It is simple. That can target within the earth and within the space too. And there are some ways that can be used to develop these weapons. Some of them are contesting the superpowers during the cold war. 

   There is another important incident. There was successfully test-fired at large satellites. Those were at the range of 500 to 3000 meters. Plus, the soviet space stations Salyut 3 fitted with the 23mm cannon. 

  Then after that, in the mid of 1980, a USAF pilot in an F 15 successfully shot down P78 1. That is a communications satellite in a 345 miles orbit. That is only one incident. You can see more in the future too. Definitely, you will see them. We are alerting you about your more interesting field.


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