The old aged natural object had found in the earth


   Can you think of the age of that material? No, we can’t think of the above. But the above is true. Scientists found such type of material. Today we are to see that material. You can see more details about that above natural object through the following details. Do you like to know more details about that?? I know that you would like it. Can you guess that what is that Object? I can give you a clue. That can be a natural object. Not can be, but it should be. You know we can’t live in such a time. We end our life for about 80  – 90 years. As well as that animals and plants cannot live such time. 

   Then you can think that it is like a stone. Yes, that can be because even plants cannot exist for such time. Yes, that is like a stone. But not a stone. Then what can be the natural object ?? Actually, that is a Meteorite. This above natural creation is the oldest object found inside the earth. But we cannot mention the above is the exact natural object because this is one of the old aged natural objects from the materials that had already revealed through until now. 

   Wait for some time to aware of that. Plus, we will be alerted related to the features of our topic, old age Meteorite. But before that, we have to know facts related to the exclusive natural object Meteorite. 

What are Meteorites???


     This is a part of a natural object. That natural object may be an asteroid, meteorite or a comet. When these types of objects enter the atmosphere, the factors like friction and the pressure get influenced. With these interactions, this gets like a fireball. Then it is a meteor. This can be known as a shooting star or a falling star. 

  There are mainly three types of Meteorites categories, according to traditionally. But later, they will divide into according to the structure, composition, and mineralogy and isotopic composition. There are silicate minerals, some metallic substances, and the rocky material is contained in this. There are some types of Meteorites that are smaller than 2 cm. They are called as the micro Meteorites. Those Meteorites are found from the moon and mars. There are types of Meteorite. It is called chondrites. These have consisted of silicate minerals. Maybe there are some organic matter, amino acid, and presolar grains. 

 These above details are about the Meteorites. Not only the Meteorites but also there are Meteorites rains too. Then you know all the basic details. We shall move on to the basic topic now. 

Actually, what are the Meteorite rains??????

Meteorites rain

    This can be known as the Meteorite shower too. In this event, there are numerous meteors can be seen. These are entering the earth’s atmosphere at an extreme speed. The meteor data center had suspected about 900 hundred meteor showers. 

   There is another question for most people. I know that. It is how do the Meteorite showers are formed?? 

Formation of the Meteorite shower… 

   It formed due to an interaction. What interaction? It is an interaction between the planet and the streams of debris from a comet. Then there may be another question too. It is that, how does the debris form?? Comets produce debris from water vapor dag. But recently, Peter Jenniskens argued for another different idea. It is that the short term meteorite rains cannot be formed due to the water vapor. But he had argued that can be due to the product of infrequent disintegrations.

   Actually, the scientists discovered some dust grains. Can you get an idea about which place that Particles can be detected?? The above particles near to the rock of space. Investigators decided that this above Meteorite could be falling towards the earth near 1960. But the above detail doesn’t mean how old that is. In order to the related researches, the Meteorite has an age of 7.5 billion years. 

  Here I have a doubt about the dust grains. If I have a doubt you will have doubts. Then I would like to tell you about the dust grains. 

About the dust grains


   In other words, the dust grains can be named as the dust consist of the space. That means the dust in outer space. The above dust particles cause some effects. The zodiacal light is an example of that. There can be many varieties of dust. Some of them are comet dust and the asteroidal dust. 

    The main components of the dust include some organic compounds. There is another type of dust in space. One such type is stardust. Those are a type of dust include in the smaller fraction. There is an instrument that collected the details about the stardust. That is the Stardust spacecraft. We have to appreciate the performance of the above spacecraft. 

   The above details are related to dust grains. Now you know about some details about that. Shall we move to the topic again?


 Now we are back to our last stop about the main fact. But I have only one question. The question is, what is happening to the elements inside a star. I mean, after the ending of a lifetime of a star. The whole elements which are consisted of stars released to space. They are identifiers as the presolar grains. In the above, even though I told you about the dust grains. After that, you can see the presolar grains.

What are the presolar grains???


    Most of the times, some solids in the outer space. Actually, that is not in the space that is at the interstellar medium. These are formed even before the formation of the sun. Do you know in which way these are formed?? That is through the outflowing and the cooling of the gases. 

   These are enough for you now. The above is related to presolar grains. Then we will move back to the main topic. 

Back to the main part…. 

  The detections move on three main points. Then those are as follows. See below for it. 

  1. There is something identified through the cosmos. Those are known as exotic grains. 
  2. Alien water is in the interstellar medium. 
  3. Comets hold some clues about the chemistry. 

There are researches held through many countries related to those types mentioned in the last topic. To join the above research, there may be about 40 types of such objects. The above objects have consisted of the Meteorite that had fallen to Australia. That is a recent incident. That Meteorite has a specific name. That is the Murchison Meteorite. 

 This following quote is about pre solar grains. This is not about our own words. But the words below are of the experts. 

*Only 10% of the grains are older than 5.5 billion years, 60% of the grains are “young” (at) 4.6 to 4.9 billion years old, and the rest are in between the oldest and youngest ones. I am sure there are older pre-solar minerals in Murchison and other meteorites, we just haven’t found them yet.”

  I have to say that scientists didn’t stop their research. They will continue it in the future too. We will expect them to continue it in the future. So we will keep waiting.


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