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You know how the Earth is essential for you. You have everything that is needed to live in this world. I know incredibly that you thought this is the only planet that living beings are existing. As well as that, I am sure you even thought this the just world that all facilities essential for life are including. If you have that idea, still you have mistaken. The recent investigations proved that the concept is wrong. Can you suggest any purpose? Then you have a question, I think. It is that then what the truth is? The summary of this is scientists had found many planets similar to the Earth. It was observed through NASA’s Kepler telescope. Now we can discuss that. 

      Through this researches, it had proved that there are that there are billions of Earth-like planets in space. But unfortunately, they are not found yet. Scientists are finding of alien lives. This is the best opportunity for scientists. What is the best opportunity for scientists? And why is that the best opportunity? The best chance is that this is the time suitable to find about aliens. And then if there are appropriate facilities to live there may be some living beings there. 

  The evidence for existing living creatures. 

       NASA’s Kepler telescope helps to find out that. This investigates the sky from 2009 to 2018. Within that time period, Kepler telescope had found about 4000 planets outside the solar system. Those are rocky planets similar to the Earth in their sizes. 

   Eric Ford said that “there are significant uncertainties in what range of stars you label ‘sun-like ‘what changes of orbital distances you consider to be ‘in the habitable zone’ what ranges of planet sizes you consider to be Earth-like.” Eric Ford is a professor of astrophysics. However, these are at the investigation level still. 

   But now I would like to tell you about a planet that is featured as the Earth. It is the Kepler – 452b telescope. 

  Kepler 452-b

    This is known as the cousin of the Earth. and also this is discovered on 23rd of July 2015, but in 2018 the investigations proved that there are no living beings exist yet. This is the first rocky Earth that is within the habitable zone of a star. That the star is similar to the sun. Do you know what the habitable zone is? I think you are not familiar with that word very much. Then I like to tell you about that. 

  What Is the habitable zone of a star? 

    This is a range of orbit around a star within which a planetary surface can support liquid water, given sufficient atmospheric pressure. This habitable zone is called a goldilocks zone. 

That’s all. This planet was discovered by the Kepler science team. I have another question too. It is, do you know the distance to the world from the Earth. This is 1400 light-years far away from the Earth. As well as what do you know about the light-years? You may know that or don’t know that. It doesn’t mind. I’ll tell you about that. This takes about 385 days to complete one revolution around its orbit. This planet receives 10% more energy from its host star. It is higher than the amount that Earth gets from the sun. You know that this is a rocky planet. How can it be decided? This decided because of the small radius of this planet. There has to be a runaway greenhouse effect if this is a rocky planet. You know that in another world, even this greenhouse effect is included. It is Venus. 

What is a light-year? 

   This is a measuring unit to measure the distances between the objects in the space. As you know, the gap between the planets can’t be measured with kilometers or meters. Therefore the light-year is a suitable unit. It is symbolized as Fly. 

  You can get an idea about the distance between the two planets by the following. Above I told you that there is a distance of about 1400 light-year from the solar system to this planet. If the new horizon spacecraft travel to this planet, it will take 26 million years for the departure. Do you know the speed of the new horizon? It is about 59000kmh-1. Is there any other vehicle other than a spacecraft that can travel at that speed. Now you can imagine the length. 

     Then I will talk about the physical features of this planet. This is about five times that of the Earth. The radius of it is 50% bigger than the range of the space. The temperature of equilibrium is approximately about 265K. Other than that, the surface gravity is twice as the Earth. 


     You know that our hoststat is our sun. As similar to the sun, Kepler – 452 is the host star of Kepler – 452b. This is a bit larger than our sun as well as that this is similar to the Mass of the sun. The temperature and age are older than the sun too. This is about hoststar. The circumstellar habitable zone of its host star depends on the radius of the planet’s orbit. The estimated habitable zone within the solar system ranges from 0.38 to 10 astronomical units. This is even another unit that is used for measuring the distance between two objects in space. 

   You know that these are the observations through the Kepler telescope. Now you can understand the details about that through the following passages. 

   Kepler telescope 

      This is mainly used to discover the other planets on the planet that is similar to the Earth. The name Kepler is using as the name of astronomer Johannes Kepler. This is a production of NASA. This is now retired. It ended its missions on the15th of December 2018 while it started its mission on the 12th of May 2009. Can you imagine how much of objects that detected through this telescope? Actually, it discovered 530,506 stars and 2,662 planets. 

   If I talk about the production of this spacecraft, the jet propulsion laboratory managed its production process. I told you about one Earth-like planet. There are another three, even such as Kepler-438b, Kepler 442-b, and the Kepler – 452b. Kepler 440b is a super-earth. 

The main purposes

  •  Investigate the Earth-sized planets near the habitable zone
  • To observe the range and sizes of the orbits
  • To find 

  The data by Kepler is beneficial because that had helped scientists to find out about the observation and the understanding of the supernovae. Studying these types of scientific activities are actually very important. This completed nine years of service on the 30th of October 2018. After the retirement of this space vehicle, TESS had applied for this purpose.

      The Mass of this object is about 1309 kg. It contains with Schmidt camera and a primary mirror too. You know that the communication facility has occurred very well if it is in outer space also. NASA contacted this spacecraft via x band communication. And then do you know how the scientific data was downloaded? It is through Ka-band. 

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