Turning point of global internet service – Starlink project


There are many spacecraft that went to space. Nowadays, it is a normal situation as like as the airplanes fly through the sky from worldwide airports. SpaceX is a central organization that in the top place of this space travels. What is this SpaceX? I had told you about the SpaceX organization earlier. Sometimes you know about SpaceX. If you don’t know, I will give you some rough information. Space Exploration Technologies Corporation is known as SpaceX. This is an American Company. Elon Musk is the owner of Space Exploration Technologies Corporation. This has the primary goal of civilizing Mars. Space Exploration Technologies Corporation was founded on 6th May 2002. Before that, they have to explore various other details about space. Now they are doing experiments and creating spaceships for that. SpaceX planned to succeed in their goals by 2024. But there is a central problem when designing spacecraft. That is the high cost. When using new equipment, they have to maintain a very high expenditure. Therefore SpaceX made a decision that they have to reuse the parts of a starship. The new project of SpaceX is the Starlink project. That was recently launched.


This is a project that design to achieve provide a satellite connection to the world. SpaceX had planned to launch about 40000 to the orbit. Recently from the travel of Falcon 9, there was released 60 satellites to the realm. As I above told, SpaceX has planned to launch 40000 satellites within 2020. But it is not enough to start them by 60 like in the falcon 9. As a solution for that, they are making a starship rocket. Through that, there are 400 satellites, that can release to the orbits. With the starship, that work can be done quickly.
I like to tell you more facts about Starlink. But before that, I ‘ll let you know about the recently launched falcon nine rocket that released 60 satellites to the orbit.

Falcon 9


Falcon 9 wrote an exceptional point in the history of spacecraft. As well as in the past of reusable rockets. The booster of Falcon 9 used for the 4th time. Frequently engineers made this booster to use about ten times. SpaceX engineers said that this booster is useful for about 1m5 times, as well as that there are 9 Merlin 1d engines. In other than that, the fairing if this can be used as the 2nd time. Regularly fairings fall to the ocean after separated from the spacecraft. But for this fairing, the engineers fixed a parachute. Therefore, that can be reused after finding the fairings. The engineers planned to get the fairing by a ship that is in the Pacific Ocean or Atlantic ocean. There should be a net in the upside of the vessels to land the fairing. From that, the fairing can be reused.
Then now, we have to move to our primary focus.
Starlink satellites
As I above told, there are 60 satellites released to earth orbit through falcon 9. In the satellites, there are krypton thrusters that used for the separation of satellites from each other. Electricity power needs to work those krypton thrusters. There is a battery to supply power. There are solar panels to do that work. From the cosmic rays, the essential power is generated.

Project plans

spacex rockets
spacex rockets

This project was initially started by 2015. They have made two main sets of prototypes. SpaceX engineers planned to placed 12000 in the orbits. There are 122 of them finished by this November. But there are some questions raised on that if the damage can be caused because of placing many satellites in one orbit. As I above told, the two prototypes have been tested. The first set of prototypes was tested in February 2018. As well as that the second test satellite was checked on 24th May 2019. The estimated expenditure for this project is about US$ 10 billion.
Now I would like to focus your attention on the unique situations of the StarLink project history.

Starlink history

The StarLink plan project was first announced by 2015 officially to provide and make an excellent global satellite network.
In 2016 the publicly announced that the SpaceX engineers planned to test two sets of prototypes and that they planned to finish the StarLink project by 2020.
In November 2016, SpaceX involved with the FCC.
The prototypes created in 2016 that are planned to test in 2017, but it postponed to 2018.
In the March 2017, SpaceX is again involved with for the second time as well as that the ka/Ku types of the satellites were planned to make.

  • The new name for this project proposed in 2017. It was named after as Starlink.
  • In August 2018, SpaceX moved more significant three buildings at Redmonds Ridge Corporate center as well as that FCC permits SpaceX. SpaceX have to get approval from ITU.
  • In November 2018, SpaceX got permission to launch 7518 broadband satellites.
  • In December 2018, SpaceX was with an agreement with US$ 28 million on this Starlink project. In other than that, the test flights began.
  • In February 2019, SpaceX services are with US Federal communication commission forget license 1,000,000 satellites.
  • In April 2019, FCC permitted to launch about approximately 12000 satellites.
  • In May 2019, the first Starlink v0. 9 60 satellites went to space.
  • At the end of June 2019, SpaceX was lost communication with three satellites that had been launched. But the other 57 are still working. Other than that, 45 satellites went to the final orbit that has an altitude of orbit 550 km. Another two is in the initial orbit. The other five are still checking before went to the orbit, and another two were suggested to remove from the first realm.
  • In June 2019, SpaceX needed to get again the approval of FCC to test 270 ground terminals.
  • In August, SpaceX engineers decided about four more launches in 2019, and 9 more starts in 2020.
  • In September 2019 again, SpaceX needed to get approval from the FCC to get approved for increasing the number of satellites in orbit.
  • In November 2019, Starlink v1. 0 launched.

As I mentioned above, there are some critical situations in history. Then what is the main achievement through this project? It is the global satellite connection.
Global Satellite Connection
From this, SpaceX can maintain the expenditure on its civilization of Mars. Other than that, they can provide an excellent connection to a suitable price. As I above told in May 2019, they released about 60 satellites. Still, they identified the need for another 420 satellites for cover all around the earth as well as SpaceX needs to provide the satellite connection not only to the Earth but also for Mars.
The mass of the 60 satellites was about 227 kg. These satellites have a frequency of about 24 GHz. These satellites use hall effect thrusters that can be used to raise towards orbit. As well as that there is a star tracker navigation system in those satellites. These are made out of 95% burning materials in the atmosphere after the ending of every satellite.
Here I told you about the recently launched 60 satellites. Now we all can see that SpaceX is coming closer to their primary goal step by step. Therefore, even in the future, we will see the new achievements of SpaceX.


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