Water found on the surface of Jupiter’s moon


  You know about Jupiter. It is the biggest planet in the solar system. As you know, venus, mars, earth, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune are the planets in the Milky Way galaxy. Pluto was considered a world. Most of the scientists paid attention to Jupiter. Now they get some new details about one of Jupiter’s moon. That Jupiter’s moon Europa. There are 79 moons in Jupiter. Europa is one out of 79. Scientists found water on Jupiter’s moon recently. This is another new observation of scientists, and this is another step forward by the human.

   I think you also know about Jupiter. But I would like to tell you more about Jupiter.

    As you all know, this is the giant planet in our solar system, and this is occupied the fifth place according to the order of planets. Scientists are conducting many kinds of research to find about the atmosphere and land of Jupiter. I have some essential details about Jupiter. But before that, I have to tell you about the new research on Jupiter’s moon, Europa.

How they found water on the surface of Jupiter’s moon Europa?

  The scientists haven’t found any water on Europa’s surface. They have found only water vapor. Lugas Paganini said that “while scientists have not yet detected liquid water directly, we have found the next best thing: water in vapor form.” Lucas Paganini is the lead researcher and NASA planetary scientist. This moon is Jupiter’s icy moon. An Olympic size swimming pool can be filled with water vapor that found from the surface of Europa within one minute. But the scientists didn’t observe this clearly, so they decided to see Europa getting closer as well as that they decided to finish that mission in 2023. First, the scientists only suspicious about this phenomenon, but later they found out it is the truth.

        Thomas Zurbuchen also said that they were all excited about the new plan. Thomas Zurbuchen is the associate administrator for the science mission directorate at NASA HQ in Washington.

     NASA’s spacecraft named Galileo had found any evidence about electrically conductive fluid on Europa’s surface. Through the details collected by NASA’s space Hubble, finally, that proves there is such type of liquid. The water vapor first detected at the W.M. Keck observatory in Hawaii. The upcoming mission in 2023 is known as the Europa Clipper Mission. The select spacecraft that went for investigation has many special features such as a camera, spectrometer, and a radar.

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    The researchers of NASA’s Goddard space flight center are a group of people that confirmed the evidence.

  From the investigation of the solar system, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, phosphorus, and sulfur had found. Those elements are essential. Other than that, liquid water is the needed thing to survive. But the scientists had found water vapor. That the amount of water finds from Europa is about 2360kg.

 As I mentioned above, there some more evidence about Europa. They areas following.,

  •   First, through Galileo’s spacecraft, they measured perturbations in Jupiter’s magnetic field.
  •   Using NASA’s Hubble space telescope, scientists detected the elements that consist of Europa. Those gases areas hydrogen and oxygen. There is evidence visible through this.

I told you that Europa is like an icy ball. Scientists hypothesis that the water is stored under the cold surface. But no one will be able to prove water inside it by showing the water molecules. Forty years ago, there can be seen brown cracks on the surface of Europa moon. With the first evidence, scientists think that this moon consists of full of oceans.

  From the above paragraphs, I told you about the new investigation of NASA. But we have to know other extra things also.

What is the company involved in this investigation? 

   It is NASA. This company has a history of 61 years. NASA is the National Astronauts and Space company. This was started in 1958. The actual date was on the 29th of July 1958. Dwight D. Elsenhower is the founder of this company. Jim Bridenstine is the administrator, James morhard is the deputy administrator, and Jeff DeWit is the chief financial officer Apollo moon landing mission, the skylab projects are some projects handled by NASA. Continuously NASA is trying to make new satellites.

  Sometimes you have heard it. There is a very recent project by NASA. It is the commercial crew program.

   Now you know some more details about NASA. After that, I want to tell you about the planet Jupiter.

 The giant planet Jupiter

  As you already know, this is the giant planet in the solar system. Also, this is known as the red giant. In other than that Jupiter occupies fifth place in the solar system. This is known as the red giant because of the big red spot. There are 79 known moons on the planet Jupiter. A roman god named Jupiter named this. This is the next brightest object in the sky other than the sun, moon, and venus, or simply Jupiter is the fourth brightest object.

Significant of Jupiter

 There are hydrogen and helium in Jupiter’s surface. Even there are some heavy metallic elements too. There is a planetary ring around the planet Jupiter. As well as that there is a powerful magnetic field around it. There are four galileon moons in Jupiter. Those 79 known moons include the 4 Galileon moons. Scientists sent some spacecraft to investigate about Jupiter. New Horizon spacecraft is an example of that. New Horizon increased its speed by the gravity of Jupiter.

  From this article, I wanted to tell you about the moon, which has water on its surface. Now we know the moon is Europa. I think that you even don’t have much knowledge of Europa. Now it is time to see that.


  This is one of Galilean moon. Europa discovered on the 8th of January 1610. Europa, Io, Ganymede, and Callisto are four Galilean moons. These are known as Galilean moons after the great scientist Galileo Galilei. Europa is the sixth-largest moon in the planet Jupiter. It is smaller than the moon of the earth. There are water vapor and oxygen present on this planet as the pieces of evidence.

Physical features

 In other than that Europa has a smooth surface. Through the researches, it can be found there is a water layer in Europa about 100km thickness. Other than that, there is an induced magnetic field in it. There are no mountains inside that moon. Europa’s equator covered with penitentes. That is a type of icy spike. But there are some creators on the surface of Europa. This moon contains silicate rocks and includes a metallic iron core. Do you know what the radius of Europa is? It is about 1508.8 km. There is magnesium sulfate, sulfuric acid, and sulfur compounds are in the Europa. And the scientists think some abiotic compounds are also in here.

  Europa is named after the daughter of king tire, and Phoenician noblewomen in greek mythology. Simon Marius suggested this name. This is known as the Jupiter II or second satellite of Jupiter.

 These are the necessary details about Jupiter. I assume that in the future we can hear some more about Europa in the future. In the above, also I mentioned that scientists are planning to investigate some more in 2023. Not only about Europa but even scientists are trying to conduct researches in other moons. Actually, they are paying their attention to Jupiter.


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