Weird Auroras on mars


Also, You know about Mars. It merely is a planet. It is a planet that is in the milky way galaxy. The galaxy which is out the earth is in. Then there is a special thing that is happening within the planet mars. What is that the unique thing??? Here in the topic, that speciality is included. It is about an aurora. Then we can see that this topic through paragraphs below. Would you like to read about that??? 

The scenery of the aurora 

 Through the recent researches, it had found that there can be seen an aurora. Actual it is a proton aurora. You can see more details about the aurora from the below. But that is a natural effect on Mars. Usually, there are many Auroras. Not only in the Mars there are Auroras can be seen in the earth too. North light even can be considered as an Aurora. Then do you know how that the proton Auroras formed??

          Proton Auroras can be formed when the solar winds interact with the atmosphere. Actually when the solar winds hit the huge hydrogen clouds. Those are the hydrogen clouds around Mars. Even that positively charged protons get neutralised by taking electrons from hydrogen atoms. 

   Then surely you are thinking about what are the uses of Auroras?? Sometimes you don’t know about this. Those Auroras would be a help for scientists to observe how the climate of Mars is changing. Other than that it would be a help for you to how water is being lost to space on the red planet. You know that the red planet is Mars. 

   In the above paragraphs, I told you about some interactions that took place between the solar winds and the hydrogen atoms. During those reactions, UV rays are emitting. Because hydrogen clouds are making by the part that water is lost to space. This factor helps scientists. In which way is this helping???? Using this they can measure the water loss with time.

   From the below, you can see the idea about aurora by the physicist Edwin Mierkiewicz. He told that, 

  “observations of proton Auroras at Mars provide a unique perspective of hydrogen and therefore water loss from the planet”. 


through this research, we can gain a deeper understanding of the sun’s interaction with the upper atmosphere of Mars and and with similar bodies in our solar system, or in another solar system, that lacks a global magnetic field.” 

  Now I know that you have another question. That is, how the Auroras were observed. That was found by NASA ‘s MAVEN spacecraft. The most exciting photograph was taken by using a particular instrument in that. That unique instrument is called the Imaging UltraViolet Spectrograph. Then later scientists declared that these auroras are typical. 

  About the observations of the MAVAN Mike Chaffin said this. Mr Mike is a planetary scientist from the University of Colorado Boulder. 

  ” at first, we believed that these events were rather rare because we weren’t looking at the right times and places”. 

   And then the observation by the MAVAN proved that many Auroras could be seen in the southern sky. There are some other things that are important for you in this matter. Sometimes the proton Auroras are increasing. Can you imagine what those reasons are????  Basically, the increasing of the heat and dust causes for the increase of the water vapour. And for high altitudes the water vapour level increases. Then those water vapour splits to the hydrogen and the oxygen. That is done by the sun’s UV rays. 

  I told you more details about NASA’s research in the above. Then I would like to tell you some more about the MAVEN spacecraft and the proton Auroras on Mars. There is no need to tell you about the planet Mars. You already know it. But if you want to know some details, there is an option. I wrote various information about mars through the previous article. Please read it if you want to know more. 


    Do you have seen an excellent click of an aurora??? Actually, it is a beautiful natural scene. And even this is known as various other names. Some of them are polar lights, Northern Lights and Southern lights. 

  As in the above, the Auroras formed due to the magnetosphere caused by solar winds. There are some particles inside this. There are electrons and protons included in this. Here the protons produced optical emissions. That is because of the hydrogen atoms after gaining electrons from the atmosphere. Those can be observed at the low altitudes. 

   The name isn’t very familiar for you. I think you would like to know how that the name derived. The name aurora came after the Roman goddess. She is a roman goddess. 

  On July of 2015, the extrasolar Auroras were discovered. Then the red aurora found that a million times brighter than the northern lights. 

  Here in the above, I described you, some important points about the proton Aurora. Then you can know some more about the spacecraft MAVEN. 

MAVEN spacecraft

  The name MAVEN is for Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution. This is a production by NASA. Plus that made to study the atmosphere of the planet Mars especially. 

   This spacecraft launched on the 18th of November 2013. This spacecraft had a mass of about 2454 kg. After that, it entered the orbit on the 22nd of September 2014. Then on the 5th of November 2015, NASA announced some fact. Until then NASA had got some important facts about Mars through the MAVAN. 

    That details show the deterioration of the mars atmosphere. But unfortunately, it will deteriorate with the solar storms. 

  Through the observations, scientists had concluded that important thing. It is that NASA stated that the radiation levels on the surface of the planet Mars were doubled. 

  And the data from the MAVAN proved that even the solar wind is responsible for stripping away the atmosphere of Mars. 

  There are about four main scientific goals can achieve through this MAVAN spacecraft. They are as follows.

  • To find the ratios of stable isotopes in the Mars atmosphere. 
  • Also, To find the role that loss of volatiles to space from the Martian atmosphere has played through time. 
  • To find the current rate of escape of neutral gases and ions to space and the process. 
  • To examine the current states of the upper atmosphere, Ionosphere and the reactions with the solar system. 

Now we have reached the end of this article. I told you many details about the beautiful aurora and the scientific concept behind this Aurora. If there are more details, yes I’ll let you know. 


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