What is new in the planet Mars??


 You know what the deserts are. What are deserts?? Sometimes you may have seen them. There are many deserts in the earth. But what about Mars. We haven’t seen any desert on the Mars planet. As we are ordinary people, we haven’t seen anything on Mars. Can we able to go to Mars within our lifetime even. Sometimes it may be. We will see it in the future. However, this desert on Mars is according to the eyes of scientists. Through here, we can see how that visible and what they would observe. I know now your curiosity even aroused. 

The atmosphere

Mars has a very thin atmosphere. because of that, every spacecraft needs to be lightweight.

  The atmosphere of Mars is different from our atmosphere. That atmosphere allows the escaping of some gases. Examples for such gas is water vapor. Earlier, Mars was a little bit heated planet. The planet has a hot temperature. That nature changed about 3.5 billion years ago. Now there is only a thin atmosphere for Mars. Thin means it has a low width. That thin atmosphere is very supportive of escaping gases. 

How does that evaporate?? 

  Think that water is on the surface of the atmosphere. Surely it will evaporate easily. Do you know the reason for the water to destroy from Mars ??

  In the atmosphere of Mars, there is something that occurs. That is occurring with the sunlight. When the sunlight falls, the water molecules break down. Now you are thinking of in which way that they can break down?? Actually, they are breaking into the hydrogen and oxygen molecules. After breaking down them to such molecules, it is very easy to pass from the thin layer. 

The location of the water vapor 

  According to recent researches, water vapor is remaining in the upper atmosphere of the planet Mars. While they are remaining, most of them are escaping from Mars and released to outer space. 

  Now you have a question about how they get details about Mars. It is the talent if scientists and engineers. They get essential data through the atmospheric chemistry suit. That is on the ExoMars trace gas orbiter. That instrument is operated by the European space agency. 

The particles

Mars, long time ago

   Another question is there to ask from you. Do you know the exact area those particles are accumulating? That is the place where 50 miles higher than the Mars atmosphere. And there is another stuff had revealed. It is that some places of atmosphere act as pockets. Those parts are reaching supersaturated levels. And there is another thing. These pockets contain more water vapor than other places. That pockets contain 10 to a hundred times more water vapor than the other places. 

Dry season 

   There are some natural effects that occur due to the warm seasons. Even dust storms can occur due to the warm temperature. The water vapor loses even more than before in such seasons. 

  There are specific places that the water of the mars is stored. The water on Mars is stored in the polar caps. These are the water other than the water in the water vapor and the clouds. The amount stored as the water vapor and the clouds is at a lesser amount than the water in the polar caps. 

Ideas of experts 

  Other than the above data, it was revealed that the signature of the water ice beneath the surface. Sylvain Piqueux said that

You wouldn’t need a backhoe to dig up this ice. You could use a shovel. ”

Plus he said,

We’re continuing to collect data on buried ice on Mars, zeroing in on the best places for astronauts to land.”

  Through the above, you can even understand the hope of them. They try their best in order to find the essential facts. 

Below the surface


  The water is existing as the ice above the surface of Mars. And it is at the poles and the planet’s mid-latitudes. With the help of the orbiters, scientists have found out about this. Do you know the first man-made device that would be able to find out the polar ice? That was a creation by NASA. That can be known as NASA’s Phoenix Lander. Phoenix Lander was capable of taking a sample of ice in order to prove those are water ice. 

The region below the surface 

  Those above are the ice presence on the above surface. But ice is placed below to the surface too. Through the help of the existing data, they were able to find out there is actually ice below. That region is called the Arcadia Planitia. Scientists gain facts to prove there is water ice below two feet of the surface. 

  Continuously they are trying to find evidence. Now the above details are enough about the main mission. If there is not Phoenix Lander, we cannot get to know about these details. Therefore phoenix is even an important vehicle in space history. I thought to give you some knowledge about the Phoenix Lander. Shall we move to it?? 

Phoenix Lander

curiosity rover in mars


  Phoenix Lander is an important space vehicle. Because this was made using robotic technology. Basically, that is based on the Mars special Mission. That was reached to Mars on the 25th of May 2008. This made aiming at the investigation of the water on the planet Mars. This space vehicle includes the mission type of Mars Lander. Initially, this spacecraft had a project time of a year, two months, and 29 days. The manufacturer is also a famous one. That is the Lockheed Martin space systems. 

  You know a Mission cannot be fulfilled only with a space vehicle. It has to with some other equipment. They are called as the scientific payloads. They are as follows. 

  • There is a robotic arm. That is a camera. The robotic arm can be extended up to a length of 2.35 meters. It can be used to dig a land even. 
  • The surface stereo imager is here. That can be described as a high-resolution upgrade of the imager. Using this device, the image of the martian arctic was captured. 
  • Thermal and evolved gas analyzer are there. This is combined with the mass spectrometer. 
  • Mars descent imager. 
  • Microscopy, electrochemistry, and conductivity analyzer. 
  • Optical microscope 
  • Atomic force microscope 

These above are the most important payloads of the Phoenix Lander. I didn’t describe one by them here. But all the essential details are provided. 

  This Lander is the sixth successful landing, as well as that this is the first landing in the Martian polar region.

  Then we have to end this for today. I told you many important details about the mission as well as the Phoenix Lander. I think this is the starting of the investigations about Mars. If there are some more new details, definitely I’ll tell you them.

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